Stress is unavoidable in life if it is not controlled; it can have serious consequences. Long term stress can cause illness and make your body more vulnerable to life-threatening health problems. Knowing how to manage stress effectively can have so many long term benefits for sound health and peace of mind.

In this article, I will show you simple strategies to help you regulate stress while you are at work.

  1. Think positive. Being optimistic can help in stressful situations. Your thoughts affect your reality; therefore, what you think can have an impact on the events that occur during your day. Thinking positively will help you to make good decisions.
  2. Change your response to stress. Being able to manage stress means developing positive strategies to deal with stress. Think of stress as a reaction rather than an event. This will make it easier to identify healthier ways to manage it.
  3. Delegation. Learn how to delegate and place your trust in others to fulfill tasks that do not necessarily need to be undertaken by yourself.
  4. Time Management. Managing your time to have a more productive day will help to keep your life on track. Create a `To Do` list at the start of each day.
  5. Boundaries – Sometimes, it is essential to say no towards requests that you find it hard to meet. Keep in mind that by saying ‘yes’ to everything may please everyone, but you may add on more stress and cause disappointment if you don’t have time to meet all your targets.
  6. Meditation Breaks. Meditation techniques help to calm your mind and reduce stress. Identify a suitable meditation technique and when you feel pressure, take a short break to re balance.
  7. Control your Anger – if you get irritated at work – maintain your professionalism and keep your cool at all times. If you feel yourself getting frustrated to take a moment and take a few deep breaths, Follow my breathing techniques to help calm your nerves
  8. Good Relationships. Having trustworthy support from family, friends, peers or colleagues is vital to help you manage stress.

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