How to write social media posts, to engage your audience and spread your message without looking like an amateur!

Would you like to know a simple strategy that will hook your audience in the first sentence so that they watch, listen and read your content and ultimately feel more connected to the message that you are sharing?

Ok, I am by no means an expert on this. Still, I see so many people in the `industry` – Individuals who call themselves social media experts and influencers but yet don’t know how to post on social media to draw attention to their product or service.

Ok – I get it social media takes time – it takes time to think about what to write – however once you know the formula and decide to commit yourself to use it then it will all become so easy and natural.

How do you do this?

Enlighten your audience about how your product/service works to solve their difficulties and dilemmas. Explain how it is going to save their day. Without this, you will confuse them. When you show your audience, you lift the fog to illustrate how your product/service can help them. Direct them into a journey that will help them to survive and thrive at a comfortable pace.

When writing your posts, create a paragraph that illustrates:

  • Problem.
  • Solution.
  • Result.  

What is the problem or the pain point your clients/audience face? The problem is the hook and will entice the reader to watch or read your content. The second Statement should sound like a reveal. If necessary use your name in the solution. The result explains the benefit the person will get. Check to make that it is clear and Simple.

I would also be selective about sharing other peoples content – if you do then use the method above – explain why you are sharing it, what benefit will your audience get from reading/watching/listening to it – what difference will it make to their lives? Regularly sharing posts with a few little icons or even worse nothing at all is not telling your audience anything about the message, it is lazy and looks shoddy and amateur. You may know the value of the content, but not everyone else does so creating a couple of sentences to hook your audience `in` will encourage them to read and get the value that you intended when producing it.

If you commit to using this technique, it will be one of the most powerful tools that you can use to engage your audience, build a tribe and in turn invite them on a journey that will make their lives easier and give you more credibility in the process.

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