How to Master Meditation – In the Quickest and Easiest Way Possible!

Part 1

Why Meditate?

Firstly thank you for reading this blog and congratulations on taking the action to embark on a journey of meditation practice. I promise you that if you would like to reduce the noise and create more calm and harmony in your life –meditation will help you to achieve that. Let`s first speak about the benefits of meditation:

  • lower stress and anxiety levels
  • attain added mental clarity, better memory and recall,
  • enhance creativity and increases the problem-solving capability
  • Balance your body, better overall health, help to regulate blood pressure
  • improves your physical appearance, skin tone, muscle relaxation, etc.
  • Gain confidence, achieve calm and thus control over your life

In addition to this, meditation will nourish your soul and help you connect with your essence – which is your heart – so that you begin to feel more aligned with your real purpose and mission in life.

Once you start to meditate the Ultimate goal is to be consistent – rather than only meditate when your world begins to crumble around you. Ultimately, it should become a routine and part of your daily life. The most crucial point is that you start.

Who is meditation for and who can benefit from practicing?

Meditation will benefit everyone and especially those who believe that they don’t have time. The more hectic and crazier your life is, it becomes more vital for you to start meditating. And it doesn’t matter if you are religious – Christian, Muslim, Athiest, Agnostic, Spiritual, Buddhist and so on. Meditation will only serve to enhance your current beliefs and your connection with the unified field. It is merely a practice of just being.

Much of our life involves the material world – Matter – Meditation can assist you in transcending out of the material into the realm of 3D – in space and time to heighten your spiritual awareness.

Common Problems and Obstacles

Here are some of the reasons people find meditation challenging despite their best efforts.

  • They don’t have time.
  • They don’t know-how
  • They’re not sure which technique/method is the best one for them.
  • They are not able to “clear their mind”.
  • They don’t know what to expect
  • They can’t seem to hold their focus
  • They can’t sit still

Now let’s consider each of them individually and then discuss how we can fix them so that you can be on your way to meditating like a master monk, in the quickest and easiest way possible.

The “I Don’t Have Time” Dilemma

If you don’t have time to meditate because your life is too busy, cluttered, or chaotic, then you absolutely must start meditating. First of all, you should know that sitting down formally (and closing your eyes) to meditate for an hour, 30 minutes or even 5 minutes is not always necessary nor is it the only way to meditate. I will show you later in the report how to start meditating during the day – without closing your eyes, while you’re shopping or even having lunch.

Not Knowing How to Meditate

There are a lot of meditation techniques and schools of thought out there. Some can take as little as 3 minutes to learn and start practising, and others require a minimum of 5 (and up to 10) days of complete isolation from civilization. Ultimately, all forms of meditation are designed to take you to the same place. It doesn’t matter how you get there or which one you choose.

The Main Purpose

One could say that the primary purpose of meditation is to cut down on the mental noise and inner dialogue. This continuous mental static that exists in your mind and prevents you from touching a more profound and more intelligent place inside you. This place inside you is where you can go to recharge your body, mind and spirit, spark inspiration, creativity and to gain peace of mind. As I mentioned beforehand, it doesn’t matter why you go to that place, how you get there, or even when you get there, just that you go.

The simplest and easiest way to get there is to create an atmosphere around you that allows you to access that deeper level of consciousness in your mind. Knowing how to access your Theta brainwaves will help your meditation practice exponentially (in my 10 part course, I teach you how to train your brain to achieve Theta brainwave patterns immediately).

Contrary to what most people believe, Theta brainwaves can be created almost anywhere, in the privacy of your own home or even in the middle of a busy shopping mall.

I would suggest that you start at home, where you can find privacy and a quiet place, so you can learn to focus on just the process, for now, without any outside distractions.

Guided Meditation is a great way to start – check out a selection of my meditations here!

If you enjoyed this article and would like to read the FULL ebook version – you can request so here!

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