Few men in their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used` Richard E Byrd

Maybe you are dealing with challenges in your life right now or know someone who is?

You know it is hard to brave in life if you have only ever had amazing things happen to you. The ability to stand in the face of adversity comes from the struggles that we have experienced. 

Id like to talk about something we all have, but we don’t tend to use – untapped, forgotten or even avoided resources.

For many years of my life, I worked as a child protection social worker with children who had been through a lot of trauma. Children who had been physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Children that didn’t want to go to school. Children who had been through so much pain and disruption in their lives did not know how to channel that pain for the greater good. I don’t know if my work or techniques had a lasting effect or made an impact. I know I was always passionate about helping them see the ‘resources they had within them.’ 

 You see, all the pain, trauma, abuse – Which they survived had equipped them with the resources to deal with any future challenges that they were to experience – they just did not know it!

 I once placed a 14-year-old girl into foster care called Teresa (name changed). Teresa had experienced a lot of pain at her father’s hands, who had physically abused her from 8 years of age. She struggled to fit into her foster home and would often not go to school. 

She lacked confidence and self-esteem.

I would ask her to think back to a challenging time in her life – then remind her that she got through this, and the strength and the resources that she used to get through this will help her now and in the future.

Without realising it, this girl was using techniques that we refer to as NLP. It is based on the premise that we all have the tools inside ourselves to create the life we desire. I would also ask Teresa repeatedly ~if you made this change, how would you see yourself differently?` over the coming months, I noticed that this girl started to become more confident, made more friends, and started going to school. Her ability to draw on her resources deep within her helped her navigate through the future challenges in her life.

Now, if you are someone who often says, `oh, I just can’t see myself being able to do that?` I would recommend that you think about everything that you have achieved and overcome in your life and use that as fuel to help you navigate yourself out of difficult situations.

You can access a technique here in my guided visualisation that I used with Theresa and have used on many clients and even myself to create change and outstanding results

Zoe Turner - Mind Coach
I help you find calm and stay centred so that you sleep better, stress less and focus more.


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