Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit a Retreat? 


Perhaps you have, but you had no idea on how to plan it or maybe you thought that it would be too costly?


If you would like to immerse your self in the joyful bliss of a retreat but don’t know where to start here, here I address some questions that might help you decide if a Yoga Retreat or a Wellness Retreat is for you.


1. Why go to a Wellness Retreat?


One of the best things about retreats is that you give yourself an ultimate gift. A wellness retreat is for everyone to have a holiday which nourishes their soul, it is for those who are stressed and strung out with the busyness of life to take charge so they can invite more peace and clarity into their lives.


A Wellness Retreat is an encounter with Bliss, a place where you can go to unwind, recharge and renew your health. Also, it is an opportunity to connect and share with other like-minded people.


A perfect retreat allows you to expand your consciousness and discover a feeling of peace inside of you that maybe you knew existed but had got lost within the hectic pace of life.


2. What type of person goes on a Wellness Retreat?


A Wellness Retreat is for anyone who would like to reclaim their health. Maybe you have been diagnosed with an illness, or you would like to cleanse your body, or perhaps you see it as regular maintenance for your peace of mind and health.


3. What retreat should I go on?


Wellness Retreats are offered all over the world in beautiful exotic locations such as India, Barley, Spain and Thailand. You will need to conduct your research and decide on a retreat that feels right for you. Maybe visit a place that you are interested in exploring. Anywhere that is relaxing and instils peace and calm would be perfect. The ideal venue would be in the countryside, mountains or beside the sea.


4. Can I go on my Own?


Yes, Retreats are perfect for visiting on your own. You will find most people that go on a retreat are travelling alone. It is the ideal opportunity for you to have some time to yourself while interacting and meeting like-minded people. You will often have a programme to follow and some downtime to spend sightseeing, socialising, reading or merely just spending time with yourself connecting with your soul.


5. What to expect of a retreat?


Retreats can often be intensive and challenging. Reclaiming your health is sometimes not a comfortable and easy process, and when your body is going through an intense detox, you will sometimes feel worse before you feel better. However, if you stick with the process, you will feel like a butterfly being released from its cocoon and will not want to go back to your regular life.


6. What to wear during the retreat?


Casual, relaxed and comfortable clothing would be best. If you are travelling somewhere unfamiliar, you can check with the retreat organizer what is required to suit the weather.


7. How to get the most out of a Wellness Retreat?


Have an open mind and be prepared to open your heart during the process. I would recommend that seven days before your trip you prepare your body. Cut out sugar, alcohol and dairy – prepare your body for the cleansing that is about to take place. In our Wellness retreats in India, we advised clients to do this to as it helps prepare the body for the intense purgation during the panchakarma process.  


As you enter the retreat, leave all your expectations, judgement and Criticism behind – be open and trust the process.



If you would like to reclaim your joy and soothe your soul, find out more about our bespoke Stress to Success 2020 Auyverdic Retreat in India. Once you enter the quiet, soothing premises of our beautiful Vellayani retreat– you will not want to leave. It is an oasis of calm, peace and beauty that will leave you wanting more. 




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